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3 Warning Signs that Your Tires Need a Check-Up ASAP

It’s not something that most people think about, but the fact is that your tires are only things between you and the road. And that means any tire-related defects or damage will reduce your safety, and put other drivers at risk, too. It could also lead to costly repairs and replacements in the future.

At Beiler’s Auto Repair, we’re proud to be the trusted source for repairing or replacing tires in Sarasota, FL. To ensure that you and everyone else remains safe and out of harm’s way — and of course to keep your costs as low as possible — here are 3 warning signs that your tire(s) need a check-up ASAP:

1. Your tire warning light is on.

If you have a car or truck built within the last 10 years, then it’s likely equipped with a low tire pressure warning light system. If the symbol appears on your dashboard (it looks like a “U” with an exclamation point in the middle), then it means at least one — but possibly more than one — of your tires is losing air pressure.

While you may be able to solve the problem by adding some air, in many cases low air pressure is a symptom of a bigger problem. For example, the valve stem on your tire(s) may be cracked, porous or deteriorating. Or perhaps the wheel rim (where the tire and wheel meet) may be dented or corroding. Or, of course, you could have a puncture in a tire. These are just some of many possible root causes.

Your best advice is to bring your vehicle to us, so that we can diagnose and pinpoint the reason(s) for the leak. You’ll drive away with the peace of mind that your tires are road-worthy and safe!

2. Your tires are vibrating.

Vibration is a normal part of driving; especially on rough roads and surfaces in this area. Indeed, tires in Sarasota, FL get quite a workout! However, there’s a big difference between typical vibration, and persistent vibration.

It’s very important that you don’t ignore this problem and hope that it will go away — because it could be a sign that your tire is defective, and may come apart while you’re on the road, leading to accident and injury.

The smartest and safest thing to do is bring your car or truck to us. We’ll check the balance, treads, surface (bubbles and bulging are common causes of tire vibration), as well as look for signs of rim damage and perform other diagnostics. Once we’ve solved your problem, you’ll not only have a much safer vehicle, but you’ll enjoy a smoother and quieter ride.

3. Visual Warning Signs

Even if you aren’t sensing any vibrations or your low pressure warning icon isn’t lit, your tires may still have visual warning signs that reveal a serious, underlying problem.

For example, you may see small cracks or holes on the sides of your tires. This is often caused by exposure to sunlight (a year-round risk for tires in Sarasota, Fla and across the aptly-named Sunshine State!), excessive heat, ozone, and chemicals like some tire cleaners. There may also be uneven wear on one side of your tire, which could mean that your tires are out of alignment, or that the springs or ball joints are damages.

Don’t ignore these visual warning signs! Bring your car or truck to us, and our experts will investigate and pinpoint the cause. Remember: the sooner you solve the problem, the safer you’ll be, and you’ll save money vs. having to deal with a major problem in the future — one that could damage other components and systems of your vehicle. 

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